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Elsa’s Having A Baby!

For the billions of you out there that for some reason actually like Disney’s Frozen and will probably go see Cinderella just so you can see the Frozen short, you’ll probably enjoy this.

Congratulations, Elsa’s having a baby girl!


Now I’m sure you’re thinking, “We’re not all night owls, Giddy Owl, so what gives about this stupid little ga–”

Picture 2

This has got to be one of the strangest baby games I’ve ever played. It’s this weird mesh between trying to be medically accurate but at the same time manages to be wildly inaccurate because it’s a game based off a Disney movie. That and I can’t believe Elsa made a maternity version of her “I’m going to be the Queen of Forever Alone” gown.

We start off with the story, which is in the summary and not the game itself. Elsa’s expecting and hasn’t been feeling too well as of late. She invites a famous doctor to check on her clo–I mean fetus. You, the player who is assumed to be female, are not this famous doctor, but rather the nurse that helps the famous doctor.

Irritating sexism aside, time for your routine check-up, Elsa!

Picture 4

I see that Elsa 2.0 is ready to be dispatched, doctor!
I see that Elsa 2.0 is ready to be dispatched, doctor!

After we check up on Elsa’s heart beat and temperature, it’s baby time! I’m not sure what medical purpose a stork serves, though.

Oh I see, it's to magically explain away science!
Oh I see, it’s to magically explain away science!

Somehow this baby teleports out of Elsa’s uterus so that a stork could carry her back to be plopped on Elsa’s flattened stomach. It would have been more realistic if a head of cabbage bloomed out of Elsa’s vag and a baby fell out from the leaves. Oh well, what’s the little tyke look like?

Picture 8

I’m just gonna leave it at that with a link so you can wash and dress Elsa’s bundle of joy yourself. Happy Gaming!

The Giddy Owl Bakery: Pango Dango and the Russell Cupcake

Several months ago, a man named Jacob Chapman left Channel Awesome and put up a Kickstarter for the first game that he and his newly formed video game development company created, Pango Dango.

The game was called Lovely Little Thieves.

On that Kickstarter was a 3 hour long demo for the game.

That demo did not work on my laptop because it’s old as shit, so I watched a Let’s Play on youtube instead.

I was enamored.

I donated to the Kickstarter through my credit card but switched credit cards during the donation period and didn’t update my info because I thought my card was already charged but–

The point is that I loved the game, and I needed to make a fan-something of it. Fanfiction? Hell no, I’m bogged down with enough fanfiction. Fanart? Nah, I’ve never been very good at making fanart. Cosplay? I’m too cheap to go to conventions anymore. Still, I had to show my love of this game somehow, someway. Suddenly it hit me as I was watching an episode of Nerdy Nummies: fanbaking.

So welcome to The Giddy Owl Bakery’s first series of fanbaking cupcakes. First up: Russell.

There's our carrot top!
Clearly I am the best at cropping pictures.

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Who is The Giddy Owl?

Hurrah, first post of the blog! What exactly will be on this blog?

– Updates and general venting about a woman-centric World of Warcraft fanfiction I’m currently writing, Twelve Women of Azeroth.
– Sneak peaks and general venting about my first YA fantasy novel I am writing and plan to self-publish
– Whining about waiting to hear back from grad school
– Baking cupcakes based off of fictional characters
– Ponies
– How I get through my day-to-day life of living at home and trying to get a career going
– Pictures of goats and sheep at the Disneyland petting zoo

Why is this blog called The Giddy Owl? I don’t have the money to buy a tavern and name it The Giddy Owl, so I settled for a blog instead.