Elsa’s Having A Baby!

For the billions of you out there that for some reason actually like Disney’s Frozen and will probably go see Cinderella just so you can see the Frozen short, you’ll probably enjoy this.

Congratulations, Elsa’s having a baby girl!


Now I’m sure you’re thinking, “We’re not all night owls, Giddy Owl, so what gives about this stupid little ga–”

Picture 2

This has got to be one of the strangest baby games I’ve ever played. It’s this weird mesh between trying to be medically accurate but at the same time manages to be wildly inaccurate because it’s a game based off a Disney movie. That and I can’t believe Elsa made a maternity version of her “I’m going to be the Queen of Forever Alone” gown.

We start off with the story, which is in the summary and not the game itself. Elsa’s expecting and hasn’t been feeling too well as of late. She invites a famous doctor to check on her clo–I mean fetus. You, the player who is assumed to be female, are not this famous doctor, but rather the nurse that helps the famous doctor.

Irritating sexism aside, time for your routine check-up, Elsa!

Picture 4

I see that Elsa 2.0 is ready to be dispatched, doctor!
I see that Elsa 2.0 is ready to be dispatched, doctor!

After we check up on Elsa’s heart beat and temperature, it’s baby time! I’m not sure what medical purpose a stork serves, though.

Oh I see, it's to magically explain away science!
Oh I see, it’s to magically explain away science!

Somehow this baby teleports out of Elsa’s uterus so that a stork could carry her back to be plopped on Elsa’s flattened stomach. It would have been more realistic if a head of cabbage bloomed out of Elsa’s vag and a baby fell out from the leaves. Oh well, what’s the little tyke look like?

Picture 8

I’m just gonna leave it at that with a link so you can wash and dress Elsa’s bundle of joy yourself. Happy Gaming!

6 thoughts on “Elsa’s Having A Baby!

  1. I love that this exists. Your commentary is genius, and I’m going to need you to review a lot more stupid things, because there’s not enough snark in the world.

    I just . . . who impregnated Elsa? Why does the baby have a flower on its vaj/dick? Why isn’t she in a hospital gown? More importantly, as someone who loves silly online dress-up games, who on EARTH would ever want to play this?

    Anyway, this is perfect. More please!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh trust me, there will be more, both of the good and the bad! My personal favorite free, unplug-brain-here online games are dating Sims, and laaaawd is it hard to find anything halfway decent (but I have!).

      I was puzzled by the flower on the vag too, but I guess they thought it would be too realistic? Idfk. This is truly a very puzzling game because I for the life of me cannot think of who would ask for this, but now I’m curious to see if there are other birth sims like this one…

      Thanks for your feedback!


    1. So it turns out when you reblog other people’s stuff, their images appear in your media gallery. One of the most terrifying experiences of my life was opening up my gallery and seeing ooze-covered flower-vagina baby.

      I hate you.

      Liked by 1 person

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