Owl Update

Sorry it’s been a while, y’all. I’ve been busy and playing Warcraft because I’ve been too tired doing much else. So here’s a quick update:

– I’m going to go to SFSU for a Masters in Creative Writing, Fiction

– I’m planning my sister’s baby shower

– I’m going to get up early tomorrow to make my mom a surprise Mother’s Day tea at home

– I have so much writing to do and will eventually put a post here of my projects

– Having read several Let’s Reads (Jenny Trout, The Drunk Librarian, Let’s Read With Nella), I’m somewhat tempted to do a blind reading of An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. Why this book in particular? It’s about a guy named Colin Singleton (cue laugh track) who dates and is dumped by 19 women named Katherine. Oh, and fun fact, all the Katherines each share the last name of the nineteen girls/women that dumped John Green. I ain’t shitting you. He lists all of them and why they dumped him, and it is ringing all sorts of alarm bells in my head. However, I am a (somewhat) professional, and am capable of separating the really-creeping-me-out-author from his work. Who knows, maybe I’ll even like this book.

So that’s a quick update for now. Have a good Mother’s Day!


4 thoughts on “Owl Update

  1. GUURRRLL YOU BETTER DO IT. I read that one back when I really wanted to like Green, and remember it being . . . mediocre. I don’t remember hating it as much as TFiOS, but to be fair I also never got the joke (HAHAHAHA HE’S SO SUBTLE) of Colin’s last name. Or realized how unhealthy it is to have had 19 girlfriends by the time you’re . . . what? 17? 18? Ew.

    Also there’s a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, if I remember correctly.

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    1. It’s not the amount of girlfriends that bothers me. Really he could go out with a hundred girls and I wouldn’t give a fuck. It’s more that he still remembers their names and how they dumped him. It seems obsessive and raises the red flag of “can’t let people go” that worries me.

      And I figured there’s a Manic Pixie Dream Girl when I read the summary that said he decided to date a Lindsay instead of a Katherine, which is raising more red flags but we’ll see if they’re false flags by the time I read this.

      And thanks!


      1. You’ll have to remind me, because I read it like 4 years ago and it’s not . . . you know, memorable in any significant way. I’m pretty sure there’s a road trip, and that’s about all that stuck.


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