Owl Update: Grad School Edition

So in case you didn’t know, I got into grad school. (yay!)

I also just learned that I got into school housing and just have to walk to classes. (yay!)

In two weeks I’ll be hosting my sister’s baby shower. (yay!)

I’ve been battling with a cat flea infestation (no!) but I think I finally killed those fuckers dead (yay!).

Basically I’m going to be super fucking busy getting everything done and ready to move 400 miles to my new nest, so I’m going to be neglecting the blog for a little bit to work on fanfic and until everything is settled and I’m not so fucking overwhelmed. To tide you over, here’s plans for future blog posts by month:


– Classic Pooh Baby Shower, including decoration ideas and recipes

– Part 2 of Pop Quiz Hot Shot: Bat Nipples


– Lovely Little Thieves: Jay’s Cupcake

– Lovely Little Thieves: Dani’s Cupcake


– Lovely Little Thieves: Dawn’s Cupcake

– Gingerbread Graveyard: 2015

– Halloween Treat Box

– Hoo Hoo Hoo: The Giddy Owl Plans for Christmas


– Lovely Little Thieves Review

– Hoo Hoo Hoo: Home-made Snow Globes

– Hoo Hoo Hoo: Dinosaur Quiet Book

– Hoo Hoo Hoo: Hand-bound Note Books

– Fuck Black Friday


– Hoo Hoo Hoo: Hand-bound The Adventures of Elsa and Jack Frost (and other stories)

– The Frozen Rant

– New Year’s Resolutions

Here’s my ff.net account, and here’s my AO3. You can also follow me on twitter @thegiddyowl.

Thanks all!

1 thought on “Owl Update: Grad School Edition

  1. Congratulations! I just finished my first real week of grad school. What’re you going for, again?

    Anyway, so excited to see everything you’ve done! And now that I’ve (sorta) gotten off my ass, I need to catch up on your posts.


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