Awkward Mr. Darcy Update

“Um…hi…I’m Adorably Awkward Mr. Darcy and I look like I’ve run in here to tell you I forgot my keys but I’m so embarrassed that I just gawk.”

So, um, we’re just gonna axe the list from my last post because grad school is making me rethink about what I want to spend time writing about and what I don’t.

With that said, I won’t be posting Part 2 of the Nostalgia Critic’s Pop Quiz Hotshot because it’ll just feel redundant and they’ve made several more posts since I wrote Part 1. I haven’t watched Channel Awesome in months anyway since I just follow the producers that I like.

“I’m sorry about this and don’t really know what else to say so let me stare at you awkwardly like I’m telepathic or some shit.”

The craft stuff I’ll be posting once I actually finish the crafts. I do plan on making and posting about a dinosaur quiet book for future nephew, the Christmas mason jar water globes for my roommates for Christmas, and the handbound children’s books.

Now that I’m getting used to living out of my parents’ house and where I’m at is baking weather all the time, I’ll be getting on the Lovely Little Cupcakes soon. The game seems to be taking more time than expected to make, anyhow, so that worked out!

“Sitting awkwardly and uncomfortably with this dog that is wondering why I even bothered showing up.”

Right now I’m putting together the baby shower post for tonight, and I’ve recently added three new chapters to my World of Warcraft fan fiction, Twelve Women of Azeroth. Thanks all!


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