A Very Giddy Baby Shower

So in the middle of an August heat wave, my mom and I threw a Classic Pooh themed baby shower for my little sister and future nephew. Here’s some pictures from that day!


Luckily my backyard has a nice big tree that helped our guests feel like they’ve stepped into the 100 Aker Wood, and lessen the heat a little bit. We still rented tables with umbrellas anyway.



Oh yeah, man, this is a fancy party (thank you Bay Area Rental in Harbor City!) now when you’ve rented umbrella tables. We wanted to make sure there were a ton of flowers everywhere, so my mom was able to find a couple of ropes of fake flowers to pretty up the swing, I planted the big pot to hold the 100 Aker Wood sign, and we planted the lavender-colored flowers for the table. My mom also made the blue kite hanging above, though it wasn’t a very blustery day.

One of my favorite places we decorated was the fire place. My friend and former coworker Giovanna made the bouquets for the wood vases, and they came out so pretty! Of course we had to get the Winnie the Pooh book and Pooh himself on the mantle.



I’m particularly proud of the banner I made by scanning my favorite pictures from the book, printing them on transfer paper, and ironing the images onto each little muslin flag.

Anyway, enough about the decorations, what about the food?



What didn’t we have? We had “hunny” baked ham and smoked turkey from the Honey Baked store, a cheese platter, trail mix, a regular tossed salad, a strawberry salad with vinaigrette, lemon scones (that turned out more like cookies because I didn’t double the baking soda when I doubled the recipe), mini-croissants, carrot and pineapple mini-muffins, blueberry muffins, and honey butter pats.


We also had a massive “Rabbit’s Garden” vegetable tray, an Edible Arrangement with my sister’s picture in the vase, sparkling cider, tea, and lemonade. It was truly a feast! My mom also found these really pretty plates and napkins that matched with the theme so well!


For activities we had “Wishes for Baby” and “Advice for Mommy to Be” cards on the same table as the gift bags (which included a mug, honey spoon, and tea bags).


We also had other games too: word scramble, the yarn game where you guess how big the mom-to-be is, Tigger tails (we painted clothes pins like Tigger’s tail, gave three pins to each guest, and if you said the word “baby” someone could take your pin. The guest with the most tails at the end of the party wins), and guess the baby food game (no, you couldn’t taste test it!).

A rare picture of the Giddy Owl in a dress.

When all the games were done, we brought out dessert. I made lemon-honey cupcakes with a sugar bee on top, raspberry and homemade lemon curd tarts and blueberry with cream cheese tarts. The wood slabs I picked up at Michael’s and covered with contact paper.



I forgot to mention that this baby shower was a gender reveal party as well! My mom took a football party lamp, transformed it into a beehive and stuffed it with the color-revealing confetti.


All in all it was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait for future nephew to get here!

P.S. If you’re making butter pats in the summer, keep an eye on them or this will happen:


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