Three Games for Giddy

So, it’s been a bit of a ghost town considering grad school and poor time management. Seeing as I’m on winter break, I finally have time to play Warcraft, catch up on my fan fiction, and make you all experience the hell that is free online Frozen video games. Let’s start with Elsa Resurrection Emergency.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.32.42 PM

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A Giddy Halloween: 2015

Happy Halloween everybody!

Now, I’m not dressing up this year because a) grad school and deciding to not have a job this semester = not that much time or money to make a costume, b) Halloween falling on a Saturday didn’t give me much of an incentive since I don’t get to wear it all day at school and c) this guy:


This is my first wee nephew! He was born on Oct 21st, 2015 at 6:21 p.m., and thus will remain known as McFly for the rest of his life. But yeah, his due date was Oct. 29th so I didn’t plan much in case he was born then or on Halloween.

NEXT YEAR, however, I plan on throwing a Halloween party at my last semester (I’ve decided to do my MA in 1 1/2 years instead of 1 year, I’ll explain later) and the best Halloween costume ever, especially since I’ve been skimping the last couple of years and literally just throwing something together.

Luckily, I was able to celebrate Halloween a little early with the kids I babysit with the gingerbread graveyard. What is the gingerbread graveyard? Three years ago I found a coffin cookie cutter and for a Halloween craft I made little gingerbread coffins for them to decorate. The following year, I got a cake board, grave stone molds, and a lot more candy to make a gingerbread graveyard. THIS year, since I would be 400 miles away at school, we wouldn’t be able to continue the tradition as usual.

So, taking inspiration from the Gravity Falls‘ episode “Summerween,” I decided to have Summerween with the kids! First, I had them make Jack-o-melons (their first Jack-o-lanterns):


And then we did more than just a gingerbread graveyard, we did a GINGERBREAD HAUNTED HOUSE!


Let me tell you how…fun…it was getting Halloween stuff in early August. Thankfully I still have the headstone and skeleton chocolate molds, as well as leftover Halloween sprinkles from last year. Candy corn is available year round, as well as gummy worms, Reese’s pieces, and black licorice. I went to Party City and picked up electric green suckers and candy sticks, and orange and black gum balls.  The old dirt is made from ground up graham crackers, while the new dirt is made from ground up chocolate Teddy grahams.


Now I don’t have a gingerbread house cutter (which I’m going to buy next time I’m at Michaels, since the Christmas stuff should be out), so I basically eye-balled it when I cut out the house pieces. I filled any gaps with icing and candy. Next time I’ll try to remember the technique of refrigerating the cut cookie dough before baking it to keep it from getting too puffy.

I wish I marked down which royal icing recipe I used, but there’s a bunch on the internet, and the good stuff is the stuff with egg whites in it. I also added some cocoa powder to the mix before adding black food coloring to make it look a nice deep black.


There were two things I needed but were unavailable to me: ghost peeps and candy Jack-o-Lanterns. Since the kids loved these so much, I decided to make my own. The pumpkins are made with Jack-o-lantern chocolate molds, but I was in a bit of a hurry and they didn’t come out as nicely as I wanted. A much bigger hit were the marshmallow ghosts. I used a marshmallow recipe from my Miette cookbook and cut out ghosts with a ghost cookie cutter. Even though they tasted good, they were a bit too floppy, so I’m going to give Alton Brown’s recipe a try to see if it’s a bit firmer.

Anyway, I’ll be baking cookies and cake and doing homework today, so I hope all of you have a happy Halloween!

Millennial Pledge

There was a really bad article in the LA Times written by a baby boomer that is honest to god titled Millennials, you literally cannot call yourself adults until you take this pledge. It is terrible, the bland comedy is terrible, and it is another drop in the bucket of Baby Boomers shouting down Millennials for trying to navigate in a fucked up economy with rapidly changing technology. Of course, the older generation shouting down the younger for not doing things exactly as the older generation did, but then there are articles like this that seem to touch a nerve in a bad way.

So in response to that, here is my own Millennial Pledge written by an actual, honest-to-god Millenial:

  1. I won’t be shamed for living with family. Living with family is a form of financial responsibility, especially when that BA that your parents and grandparents promised would land you a “good job” right out the gate turns up a job barely (if that, and if you can find one) above minimum wage and you have student loans to pay.
  2. I am an adult, with adult fears and adult responsibilities that I am handling the best that I am able.
  3. I am entitled to basic human rights such as a livable wage, healthcare, and education.
  4. I will not laugh at comedians who are not funny, doubly so if they think “political correctness” is why people don’t think they’re funny.
  5. I can laugh and cry at the same time.
  6. I will not shame people for preferring text or social media over talking on the phone.
  7. I will not assume that an inability to find a job means an inability to find a job that pays $100k.
  8. I will not shut up on issues that need addressing, even if certain privileged classes try to sweep it under the rug.
  9. I am worth something.

Hopefully this helps against the ocean of bullshit we’re all wading through. If all these “millennials are awful” think pieces get you down, just think of Skinner:


Awkward Mr. Darcy Update

“Um…hi…I’m Adorably Awkward Mr. Darcy and I look like I’ve run in here to tell you I forgot my keys but I’m so embarrassed that I just gawk.”

So, um, we’re just gonna axe the list from my last post because grad school is making me rethink about what I want to spend time writing about and what I don’t.

With that said, I won’t be posting Part 2 of the Nostalgia Critic’s Pop Quiz Hotshot because it’ll just feel redundant and they’ve made several more posts since I wrote Part 1. I haven’t watched Channel Awesome in months anyway since I just follow the producers that I like.

“I’m sorry about this and don’t really know what else to say so let me stare at you awkwardly like I’m telepathic or some shit.”

The craft stuff I’ll be posting once I actually finish the crafts. I do plan on making and posting about a dinosaur quiet book for future nephew, the Christmas mason jar water globes for my roommates for Christmas, and the handbound children’s books.

Now that I’m getting used to living out of my parents’ house and where I’m at is baking weather all the time, I’ll be getting on the Lovely Little Cupcakes soon. The game seems to be taking more time than expected to make, anyhow, so that worked out!

“Sitting awkwardly and uncomfortably with this dog that is wondering why I even bothered showing up.”

Right now I’m putting together the baby shower post for tonight, and I’ve recently added three new chapters to my World of Warcraft fan fiction, Twelve Women of Azeroth. Thanks all!

The Epic of Tale-Spin

As I’m working through my MA in Creative Writing, I thought it’d be fun to post some of my writing assignments. Last week’s assignment was to write a two page novel, and I had way too much fun writing this.


The Epic of Tale-Spin

Translated by Astrid Myrna

Translator’s Note: Having newly recovered this rare, completed novel from the small pond created by a soil depression and too much sprinkler water in the lawn of Mesquite Elementary School, we at the Institute of Tiny and Fragile Magical Creature (I.T.F.M.C., pronounced “it fumk”) have learned much about the mysterious culture of the American Fairy.

For one, it seems that fairies seem unable to stay in one place for very long, and for fairies who do stay in one place for some period of time, they are lauded as heroes deserving of praise and stories told about them, even written about them! To be written about appears to be a great honor in American fairy culture, and to have their story written legibly by a scribe who is not rushing to have it written is perhaps the greatest praise. Our story that we recovered was legible at first and became difficult to decipher but not impossible at the midway point in the story, clearly showing the importance of this Tale-Spin. Who he or she was, what he or she did, and if he or she actually existed are topics still hotly debated, but clearly this was a fairy of some worth to have his or her story not only told on its own, but to be mentioned in other fairies’ stories! Tale-Spin was once mentioned in the partial recovery of the Epic of Stag-Farter, which reads:

“…I curse Tale-Spin as I drink my milk…” (Anthologie of the Faerie, Brisker 297)

Of course, as we all know, Stag-Farter is of English origin, so it is very possible that The Epic of Tale-Spin may have been an English import and absorbed into Americana fairy lore. 

I may have been head translator for this precious text, but I must also thank Dr. Maya Gulper and my apprentice Leila Shu for their months-long work on this first translation of The Epic of Tale-Spin, Dr. Rei Miyamoto for referring me for this project, Trader Joe’s for their endless supply of sweet potato tortilla chips and especially those mini Belgian waffle cookies dipped in dark chocolate and covered in crushed peppermint, and most of all, thank coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee. I guess thank coffee with a bit of vanilla extract, brown sugar, and heavy cream too.

We at I.T.F.M.C. hope that this story will spark an interest in Fairy literature and in our institution, and if you have indeed been sparked please go to to learn how to donate. Hopefully by the time of this publication the social media department would have the web page up, but I’m not holding my breath.

The Epic of Tale-Spin

I stand outside. It rains. It always rains here. Forever raining, like my heart. I stand in the rain. I am still standing in the rain. I have stood in the rain for five minutes. Will I drown in this much rain? I will drown if I continue standing in this rain, but I can’t come inside. I can’t! I will bring mud in the house. I defy you rain! The rain has heard me. The rain has stopped. I declare today a holiday, and we will have parades and punch with my neighbors.

The End

Owl Update: Grad School Edition

So in case you didn’t know, I got into grad school. (yay!)

I also just learned that I got into school housing and just have to walk to classes. (yay!)

In two weeks I’ll be hosting my sister’s baby shower. (yay!)

I’ve been battling with a cat flea infestation (no!) but I think I finally killed those fuckers dead (yay!).

Basically I’m going to be super fucking busy getting everything done and ready to move 400 miles to my new nest, so I’m going to be neglecting the blog for a little bit to work on fanfic and until everything is settled and I’m not so fucking overwhelmed. To tide you over, here’s plans for future blog posts by month:


– Classic Pooh Baby Shower, including decoration ideas and recipes

– Part 2 of Pop Quiz Hot Shot: Bat Nipples


– Lovely Little Thieves: Jay’s Cupcake

– Lovely Little Thieves: Dani’s Cupcake


– Lovely Little Thieves: Dawn’s Cupcake

– Gingerbread Graveyard: 2015

– Halloween Treat Box

– Hoo Hoo Hoo: The Giddy Owl Plans for Christmas


– Lovely Little Thieves Review

– Hoo Hoo Hoo: Home-made Snow Globes

– Hoo Hoo Hoo: Dinosaur Quiet Book

– Hoo Hoo Hoo: Hand-bound Note Books

– Fuck Black Friday


– Hoo Hoo Hoo: Hand-bound The Adventures of Elsa and Jack Frost (and other stories)

– The Frozen Rant

– New Year’s Resolutions

Here’s my account, and here’s my AO3. You can also follow me on twitter @thegiddyowl.

Thanks all!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot : Bat Nipples Recap (Part 1)

So here I am, minding my own business while binge watching Steven Universe when my phone alerts me to a new comment here on The Giddy Owl. I pause my binge watching and read this:

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 10.56.10 PM

I thought I was free. I honestly thought they bailed since Rob Walker (Doug Walker’s aka Nostalgia Critic’s brother and one of the big three that run Channel Awesome) put up a Facebook post about reshooting the first week of May, with the goal of four episode in one go to be released over the month. I don’t check in with CA anymore and none of the producers I follow mentioned anything on Twitter, so I genuinely forgot about it. Until today. Continue reading Pop Quiz Hot Shot : Bat Nipples Recap (Part 1)

Cover to Cover: The Fault in Our Stars, Ch. 20

The Drunk Librarian


Fine, I'll finish the damn post.

I’ve been procrastinating for so long because I don’t want to talk about this chapter. And why would I? It’s boring, it’s stupid, it’s manipulative emotional porn geared at hormonal teenage girls, it’s a massive waste of my and everyone’s time . . .

In other words, it’s classic John Green.

Thank you, Tom. I needed that. Thank you, Tom. I needed that.

Last chapter we met Gus’s evil family, and the horror of their disgusting conformism — they’re bankers, for God’s sake! — left me so traumatized that I spent the next two weeks talking about literally anything else.

Never forget. Never forget.

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