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The Giddy Owl Bakery: The Colin Cupcake

Man, I really dragged my feet with this one.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 7.57.39 PM

Ok so today we’re meeting ColinĀ Creevey, the youngest, smallest, and worst dressed of the group. He’s also an asshole.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 7.49.21 PM

Everything about this guy screams asshole: from his stupid leather finger-less gloves to his Byte Me shirt to his cartoonishly oversized Hawaiian trunks to his permanent troll sneer. He’s my second favorite character in the game, and it’s hard for me to explain why because I usually don’t like jerk characters. He’s a jerk character done right.

Anyway, onto the cupcake! Know what’s hard-headed, a pain the ass the make, and goes with tropical trunks? Coconut! You can definitely get already prepared coconut, but I just LOVE the smell, taste, and texture of freshly grated coconut. Plus, cracking open a coconut to get its sweet meat sounds like an extended metaphor for romancing Colin!

So we’re making coconut cake for the cake portion, kicking it up a notch with lime curd to reflect Colin’s sourness, and top that off with toasted boiled icing. Yes, I said toasted. No, we’re not putting it in the oven, we’re using a culinary torch, because fire is fun.

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