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Birthday Blog Post

Yesterday was my birthday and I’ve taken the rest of the week off. You know what that means!



To celebrate, let’s make some Funfetti cupcakes!

Not from the box. Never from the box. Have you never met me?

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Stages of an Intangible Crush

crush1 No, George Takei is not my intangible crush. He’s a married man, for Pete’s sake! You will win a grand prize of absolutely nothing if you can guess who it is by the end of the series, tho. Good luck!

Tea Time Dress Up Apology Post

Hey everyone! Several of you may recall the post about the game where you help Elsa give birth to her own clone. Misscaseyw of The Drunk Librarian kindly reblogged it, and was rewarded with a pic of the goo-covered flower vagina baby when she opened up her media gallery.

Misscaseyw likes dress up games, and I found a nice one as an apology: Tea Time Dress Up by Pink-world.

Picture 1

I don’t usually play dress up games, but this one was a rare exception! The art is some of the best I’ve seen when browsing through these kind of games. This is a simple, relaxing game with jazz music and I would say about an average amount of choices for customizing your character. I decided to make Étoile, a character from a comic book I wrote in high school to practice both my drawing and French skills. If you’re interested in this kind of thing, check it out!

Sorry again, Misscaseyw. At least you’re prepared if you reblog my stuff in the future. XD

Dear Me

Happy International Women’s Day! The hip thing to do is to write to your younger self, so here goes nothing.

Dear Younger Me,

Yes, I’ve made it to adulthood. Yes, I’ve graduated college. Yes, I managed to go to France and Japan. I’ve done some cool things in my life and I’m slowly becoming the adult that I wanted to be. There’s still many things to work on that I’m sure Future Me will tell Present Me later on. I’m 26 and I still live at home and am praying that I can get into grad school, but right now I’m terrified it might not happen. I still work at the same grocery store I worked through college. I’m working on a book and perhaps this one I’ll stick through all the way and publish it instead of tossing it half way because I don’t think it’s good enough. What can I possibly tell you that will make you look forward to the future?

Don’t expect anything to turn out the way you thought it was going to.

I know it’s hard to grasp now. You think “well if I work hard, then I’ll get exactly what I want” and you don’t realize that you can still work hard and put everything you had into something and still fail. I know me, Younger Me. I don’t take failure well and completely blame myself for it. It’s good to be self critical, Younger Me, but not to the point that it completely crushes you and leaves you hopeless and depressed. Expect that not everything will work out the way you wanted it to, accept criticism gracefully, and you will turn out the better person for it. We’re both terrified of not having complete control of our own destinies, but it’s something we have to live with and make it work for us.

Good luck, Younger Me.

– Present Me

Chappie: A Slapdash Review

I have just come back from watching Chappie.

You all need to see this movie.

I’m not going to lie, the idiot ball gets tossed around like the characters were playing a game of volleyball. You will see the plot holes, but at the same time, you will see its heart. I really loved how it approached issues of masculinity, child development, and what a soul could possibly be.

This movie is also fucking hilarious and cartoony, but it works. I demand all the gifs of Hugh Jackman in his mullet and khakis glaring daggers over his cubicle wall.

Rating: See the damn movie